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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change your life in a matter of seconds and upheave your family’s plans. A severe head or brain injury can lead to extreme changes in how you think, feel, act, and function.

If someone’s negligence causes your losses, it is vital to enlist a skilled catastrophic injury attorney to protect your best interests. If a person’s reckless behavior led to your accident, contact a Ponchatoula traumatic brain injury lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Causes and Symptoms of TBIs

A severe head wound may occur when a person suffers a sudden blow or jolt to the head from penetrating trauma or blunt force. The medical field refers to the trauma that occurs during the moment of impact as the primary injury. For some people, TBI’s affect the entire brain, but for others, the injury involves only a portion of it.

In some circumstances, the hurt party’s skull may also sustain a fracture. When the trauma occurs, the impact causes the brain to crash back and forward inside the skull. This sudden motion could lead to brain bleeding, bruising, nerve fiber tearing, et cetera. After the impact, the person may feel dizzy, have blurry vision, feel confused, or lose consciousness.

Sometimes, people with TBIs initially appear to be okay. However, if the injury is severe, their condition will likely decline quickly. After the initial trauma, the brain begins swelling. This inflammation reduces the flow of oxygen-rich blood or secondary injury. For many who sustain a TBI, the secondary injury can be more severe and consequential than the primary. Head trauma requires extensive medical care and expenses. The harmed party must reach out to a skilled TBI attorney in Ponchatoula right away to plan for the near future.

Compensation after Ponchatoula TBI Accidents

Compensation for damages may include lost income, medical costs, loss of quality of life, any other damages related to the accident. A Ponchatoula head injury attorney could help collect receipts and documentation to verify losses for the civil claim.

Loss of Wages and Future Earning Capacity

Current and future lost pay and earning capacity includes any time people miss work while receiving treatment and recovering from the injury. The court calculates future lost wages by using current payment information and adjusting for future annual raises.

Current and Future Medical Bills and Expenses

A considerable portion of a traumatic brain injury settlement goes towards medical expenses. Medical costs include hospital stays, MRIs, CT scans, rehabilitation, doctor office and emergency room visits, and any expenses that correlate to the injury.

Time Limits for Filing Brain Damage Lawsuits

This state enforces a timetable where the hurt party must sue for damages in an injury civil suit. The plaintiff has one year to file the claim with the court after a traumatic brain injury. The statue begins running on the day of the accident.

If the harmed party does not immediately know about their injuries, the statute begins running the day they reasonably discover the damages. This is allowable under the state’s discovery rule. A well-informed brain damage attorney in Ponchatoula could help a hurt person prepare the petition and file it with the court within the allowable time.

Call a Ponchatoula Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Now

A TBI can turn your entire life upside down in a matter of seconds. A qualified legal team could help you recover financial compensation for the damages you sustained.

They could also help you with completing an investigation and collecting vital evidence to strengthen the civil claim. If a person’s negligent actions caused your accident, contact a Ponchatoula traumatic brain injury lawyer to get started right away.

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