Ponchatoula Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

If a hurricane occurs in this state, homeowners and business owners alike face the laborious task of cleaning up and rebuilding. Sadly, as after many of these big storms, property owners are finding themselves facing unexpected nightmares when they thought they had done their part to prepare. Insurers might underpay claims to policyholders or refuse to pay at all.

A diligent attorney understands the process of filing for hurricane damage. If your insurer is refusing to pay or is underpaying on a policy, contact an experienced Ponchatoula hurricane damage claims lawyer. We can make all the difference in your insurance claim.

Documenting Damages after Storms

When the storm is over, the property owner should walk through the property and thoroughly investigate for any damages. They should be sure to take extensive notes and pictures to document the walk-through. After the walk-through and investigation are complete, they should file a claim with their insurance agency immediately.

The property owner should file the claims for recovery even if they are not sure damages will exceed their policy deductible. It is essential to get the claim filed right away because insurance compensation, quick approval, contractors, and supplies will soon be in short supply after a big hurricane moves out of the state. A skilled attorney in Ponchatoula could help someone file for the damage on their property caused by a hurricane.

Ponchatoula Insurance Company Statute

Under the Louisiana Statute § 1337, insurers cannot increase premiums for policyholders over three years because of increased claims after a natural disaster. The law also restricts them from collecting more than one deductible per hurricane season. A qualified hurricane losses and damages attorney in Ponchatoula could answer questions on state codes and statutes.

Common Tactics Insurers Use to Under Pay Policyholders

Though they use their tactics to get out of making payouts, laws require insurers to serve policyholders as they promise and reasonably handle their claims. Yet, they are skilled at using dishonest and misleading tactics to avoid paying out claims without technically violating laws. Dealing with insurers trying to avoid payment is always a stressful situation.

These deceitful tactics leave millions of property owners in desperate positions, feeling unsure of where to turn. Some of the common insurance adjuster tactics include:

  • Stating policy does not cover specific appliances that are damaged
  • Saying damage is pre-existing
  • Delaying action and dragging out paperwork trail until the deadline passes
  • Severely underpaying value of damages
  • Stating the policy does not cover that type of damages

If an insurer underpaid or denied your claim, a seasoned Ponchatoula hurricane losses attorney can significantly improve your chances of recovery. Skillful legal representation knows how insurers work and could litigate and negotiate on your behalf.

Call a Ponchatoula Hurricane Damage Claims Attorney Now

If big storms and hurricanes enter the state, insurance providers may attempt to mitigate losses by denying claims. Unfortunately, this catches a lot of policyholders off guard who have held up their end by making their payment.

If your provider is attempting to underpay or avoid paying altogether, reach out to a Ponchatoula hurricane damage claims lawyer. While this is highly stressful, you put yourself in good and knowledgeable hands by calling them. Call our office today to learn more about your legal options following a severe storm.

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