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Velma Addison
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Are you a busy mom who got rear-ended while driving your kids to a ball game?

Are you a hard-working dad who got hit by a big truck on your way home from a long day on the job?

Are you any everyday person who just met a stroke of bad luck and your entire life changed because of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident?

If that sounds like you, then we have the answers to getting you back on your feet, free from your daily physical pain, and living a full life with your family.


Family and community are the most important parts of your life and they are the most important parts of ours.

That’s why we work to help people rebuild after car wrecks.

We do that because for us, family is how it all began….


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After years of working the grind defending a Goliath insurance company (like the one hassling you)…I got a surprising call…

My mom was on the other end and she needed my help.

Now, if you know Mom, you know that she’s not the kind of person that needs help.

She survived breast cancer. She raised a large family (while Dad was busy serving as sheriff). And she went back to school – as an adult – to get ahead.

In a word, she is tough.

Also, until that dreadful day, Mom was living the life of her dreams. She had ten beautiful grandchildren and a gorgeous garden she spent every day enjoying. Her golden years were healthy and happy.

So you can imagine my reaction when my phone rang and I learned that a careless truck driver rear-ended her car.

If she needed my help, it meant she was in real trouble…

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Her back hurt right away… she needed a ride home, a rental car, and a body shop to get the car fixed… insurance adjusters were calling her, asking her questions and low-balling her on settlement offers (like they always do).

Mom didn’t know what to do next. She wasn’t sure what to tell the insurance company. She wasn’t “the suing type” you hear so many people complain about. But Mom is smart enough to know better than to trust fast-talking insurance adjusters.

Soon, Mom was tired, stressed out, and preoccupied with pain. Her backaches were worsening and she couldn’t run her household like she always had. She was not a complainer and never sued anybody before.

But she knew she deserved to be treated better than this. After all, for over forty years, she and Dad always paid their insurance premiums on time and without question. So why were the insurance adjusters questioning her?

Making matters worse, time was not on her side. She knew she needed to act fast!

Mom needed expert guidance that she could trust. She realized she couldn’t fight a giant insurance company alone, so she turned to me and asked me for help.

After that, Mom’s case opened my eyes forever. Whereas, before I was representing clients that I didn’t really know or care about individually… big companies who were faceless, nameless, and soulless.

Now, I could put a face, a name, and a soul to the client I was serving. That shifted my mindset about injury law, forever.

Since that day she got hurt, injury law became “personal” to me.

Whether you have a mild back ache or severe brain injury, your case is now personal to me because of what happened to my mom.

So, after Mom’s wreck I focused my law practice on helping car accident victims recover the compensation they deserve (not the pennies the insurance companies offer), even if they have little time and no money to pay me or pay their doctors.

I’ve discovered one thing that is crucial: injury claims can be confusing and take a lot of time to handle properly….unless you have the edge of working hundreds of these cases all the time (like I do).

Injured people need reliable guidance right away. And, TV lawyers are obviously not the answer.

Think about it: Would you pick your surgeon based on an obnoxious TV commercial? Of course you wouldn’t!

TV lawyers don’t care about their clients the way I care about my mom. They treat injury cases like business deals, not personal matters, because they must process a lot of cases to pay for their expensive commercials (you know, the ads where they juggle footballs, wrestle alligators, or rap with convicted felons!).

I don’t want to lead you in the wrong direction and make you think that Mom became a multi-millionaire. However, we helped her recover what she needed most:

  • We booked her with a board-certified, Harvard-educated doctor that she loved.
  • We handled all of the haggling with insurance companies and medical bill collectors.
  • We collected the money she deserved so she could comfortably pay all her bills (past and future)

Mom was extremely satisfied with the results. We handled the hassles so she could focus on family and getting better…which she did.

While helping Mom, I realized that by making it personal, I enjoyed my work and did a better job. It also made me realize how little power everyday people have in controlling their fate against Goliath insurance companies. But, only, because they just did not know what steps to take when fighting them. My mom’s lack of knowledge put her at a huge disadvantage, but, luckily, she had me to rely on.

So, I published a book about everything I had learned , soup to nuts, about what everyday, car accident victims should do – from before they even have an accident until settling their injury claim. It helps.

My mom’s case showed me that family is what matters most.

So I determined to treat all my clients like family. And life has been wonderful since…

“I was treated like family.”


I know what it’s like to walk in your shoes…to be incredibly busy going to work and raising your kids. I know what it’s like to be torn between having to provide for them and wanting to spend more time with them. I know what it’s like to have stacks of medical bills that you can’t afford to pay and could lead to your financial ruin.

That’s why I share with you what matters to me, personally. So you know that I care and that I’ve been there before. And…so you know that I know what I’m doing is for you and your family.

Would you rather spend your free time fighting these insurance giants who will run you around or would you rather enjoy the life that you have built for your family?

Let me worry about them, so you can rest easy and get back to living your normal life that you enjoy so much.

I am Parker Layrisson. This is my law firm. And this is why I do what I do.


Every winning case starts with a plan. We’ve created this easy to follow plan to quickly get you back to living your life on your terms.


When you visit, we’ll walk you through our successful roadmap for winning cases like yours.


We’ll immediately schedule a top-rated doctor who can treat your pain and prove that your injuries were actually caused by your accident.


We’ll work quickly to get you a great settlement so that you can get back to sleeping peacefully, taking care of your family and returning to your normal day-to-day life.




Most accident victims don’t know how badly they are injured. They only know how much pain they’re in. But pain can go up and down.

To find out how badly you’re hurt and whether it’s permanent, you need a great doctor. But, not all doctors are created equal. Some are better than others. Do you know who’s who?

We can help by scheduling you with top doctors who know exactly how to treat injured car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims.

The shocking truth about medical billing is that doctors can (and will) refuse to accept your health insurance after you have been in an accident.

Did you notice you were asked if you’ve been in a car accident at the hospital or doctor’s office? Did you notice that they wanted car insurance information as well? Why would a doctor need that?

They want it because they would rather bill you three times the usual rate your health insurer would pay them, even if that means putting less money than you deserve in your pocket.

Also, your health insurance company may force you to pay it back for any accident related treatment.

We have helped clients negotiate with doctors, health insurers, and Medicare/Medicaid to reduce medical bills to a reasonable cost.  This helps you keep more of your recovery for living comfortably and debt free.

You won’t have the time to ensure you get paid what you need and deserve.

You already have a busy life. You have kids, family, ball games, school, and your own work.

Now, you’ve just added hours a week to your work schedule. Why so much time?

First, you’ll have to learn a brand new skill set in documenting your claim, getting to the right physicians, attending appointments, scheduling MRI’s, and ensuring you have the proper medical notes to submit.

Next, you’ll have to package all of that information together, research the law, and demand a specific dollar amount that people with your specific injuries and treatment are getting in the parish where your injury took place.

Finally, you’ll have to negotiate back-and-forth with an experienced insurance adjuster – and possibly their attorney – to get your rightful payment.

We save you tons of time while we work to maximize your recovery – so you can get back to living your life on your terms.

Sometimes you don’t want a lawyer…

Sometimes you want to handle things on your own because you are a go-getter. You don’t call a plumber to fix a drain or a carpenter to hammer a nail. If you are anything like me, you read a book and you do it well enough to get it patched up for a while.

Until, that is, you have to actually call that plumber or carpenter to fix what you did.

While I applaud your desire to do things yourself, when it comes to injury law, the risks of getting it wrong the first time, can haunt you forever for the following reasons:

  • If you don’t get all the money you are owed, you can’t go back and fix it.  Once the settlement is paid, there is no do-over.  So, you have to ask yourself the following question: Do you want to risk your financial security, possibly your retirement savings, on having to pay for large current and future medical bills out-of-pocket?
  • Insurance companies will give you the runaround – so you’ll spend a lot of your precious time away from your job, family and free time.
  • You’re an expert at what you do at work…imagine trying to teach someone what you do and do it well. It’s really hard, and would take a really long time. Do you have that kind of time to learn personal injury law?

We do this all day, every day, so we’ve learned the tricks it takes to win.

And, if you are still not convinced we are the right fit for you, we took those tricks and put them in a 300-page book to help educate our clients on how much we actually know.

In the book I unpack my best secrets about handling personal injury cases:

  1. I teach you how to avoid the top 5 mistakes that can cause your financial ruin.
  2. You discover 7 simple steps for fixing or replacing your wrecked car, truck, or motorcycle.
  3. You learn what it takes to win your case so that you pay your medical bills without wasting your time.

It’s the only book of its kind and I wrote it. So, I know it is packed with all the good stuff that I have used to recover over 15 million dollars for the hundreds of injured clients I’ve helped since I started in 2002.

Just click on the link below and you’ll see how to get it delivered to your door, absolutely FREE.