You know how car crash victims struggle to pay for the medical care they need?

Well, at the Parker Layrisson Law Firm we help busy families recover after car accidents so they can rest easy, pay their medical expenses without worry, and move forward with their lives.

We do this by sharing our Accident Handbook and battling Goliath insurance companies on the phone and in court.

Our clients say we help them save time and recover the money they deserve so they can focus on getting well and living normal lives again.

If you were injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident…



Parker has always been about his family and our community.

From his father who served as Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish for 24 years, to his mother who inspired him to focus his law practice on helping injured car accident victims who suffered like her, to his social worker wife and two kids, who keep him grounded in church and school, Parker’s Ponchatoula roots run deep.

The first thing that stands out when you meet Parker is how welcome he can make you feel, in an instant.

It doesn’t matter that he was once ranked at the top of his law school class at LSU or that he has helped over 1,000 clients and recovered over fifteen million dollars for injured people since he started in 2002. The fact that Parker literally “wrote the book” on car accident law doesn’t define him either.

The reason clients love Parker is that he will always remember your name, listen to you carefully, and answer your questions honestly. Parker sends birthday cards, handwritten notes, and other thoughtful gifts to clients because he believes in the power of personal relationships.

But, he wasn’t always a success.

In the beginning, Parker, struggled to make ends meet. Hanging a shingle as a lawyer in small town Louisiana is not all that it’s cracked up to be. But, eventually, Parker rose to the occasion and blossomed.

He started working in a small office that he could hardly afford, barely making ends meet. He took whatever cases came in through his door, but he didn’t mind, because he was doing what he did best and helping people in our community navigate the complex legal system.  Parker made it real simple for them and got tremendous results.

He slowly built up a successful practice that focused on defending corporate, insurance, and DWI clients. He published a groundbreaking book and handled cases all across Louisiana. He was making good money, but he wasn’t fully satisfied.

When a careless truck driver rear-ended his mom, everything changed, including who he wanted to serve. You can read all about it here.

No matter how much money they offer, Parker decided he would not represent another insurance company, big business, or drunk driver.  Instead, he now focuses on helping everyday people injured in car, truck, and motorcycle crashes.

Those life-defining moments are true gifts from God.

He chose to listen to that voice and follow a path that, while not always easy, emblazoned a trail that positively contributes to our Ponchatoula / Hammond community.

While not working at his law firm, Parker enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his parents, wife and two young children at their family farm near Loranger.


Meghan Notariano


Attorney Meghan Notariano, a Hammond native, is not only a longtime member of our team, she is a former personal injury client. Like Parker, Meghan’s #1 focus is helping people injured in car wrecks recover the compensation they deserve. She earned her law degree from Southern University Law Center and holds a degree in political science from Southeastern Louisiana University. Meghan enjoys her free time by reading and spending time with family and friends.

Megan Kelley


Attorney Megan Kelley is a Ponchatoula native who has rejoined Team Layrisson after previously working as a law clerk. Megan obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University and earned her law degree with academic honors from LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center. After graduating law school, Megan spent a year practicing law in Baton Rouge. She has returned to her hometown because, like Parker, her passion is helping the people of Tangipahoa Parish recover the compensation they deserve after they have been injured in a car accident. ​Megan enjoys spending time with her husband Dean and their baby boy, Hudson. She also enjoys reading and going to her family camp on the Tangipahoa River. ​

Joe Dunams


Joe assists our team with document management, file preparation, and communications. He completed his associate’s degree with honors  in Paralegal Studies. Joe has a passion for learning about the law and is a hard worker. In his free time, Joe enjoys reading mystery novels, listening to music, and following sports.

Angela Daniel


Angela Daniel serves as our client concierge. As our Client Care Specialist, she oversees client intake and handles key functions of our  community outreach operations in Ponchatoula. She facilitates special events, sponsorships, and charitable donations, such as our Bikes For Kids program.  Angela has many years of customer service experience, and it shows. She is friendly, professional, organized, and a great fit for our team. Angela is a life-long resident of Hammond who attended Hammond High School and Southeastern Louisiana University. Angela enjoys crafting, cooking, and spending time with her husband Jason and sons Brady and Connor.

Brittany Bradley


Brittany is your first line of communication at Parker Layrisson Law Firm. As our Communications Specialist she handles the day to day functions that our cases consist of and assists in meeting clients needs . Brittany’s passionate nature for helping others will keep you informed and at ease. She completed a degree in General Studies at Southeastern Louisiana University. Brittany enjoys crafting, fashion and spending time with her family.