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About Us

At Parker Layrisson Law Firm, we ARE NOT a general law practice open to accepting many types of legal matters. We ARE a personal injury law firm.   That means we focus on helping people injured in car accidents recover the compensation they deserve, without needless frustration and stress, even if they have no money to pay us or their doctors.

We do not handle every area of law.  That means we don’t allow divorces, criminal cases, wills, successions, real estate transactions, etc. to drain our resources and crowd our case docket.  We refuse to become a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Instead of spreading our team and assets among a wide variety of very different practice areas, like general practice law firms do, our attorney and staff focus our attention on Louisiana car wreck personal injury law. If you have been injured in a car or truck accident, that is good for you.

Helping people injured in auto accidents recover the compensation they deserve is our passion.  It’s what we do. Every member of our team has been involved in an automobile accident. Three of us were seriously injured as a result of a car crash. We have personally experienced the stress and financial pressure caused by accident injuries and resulting lawsuits. That is why we work hard to “go the extra mile” for our injured clients. We understand the challenges and frustrations that the injury claims process presents.

The Parker Layrisson Law Firm differs from other personal injury firms in that we do not rely on a high volume bulk practice. We do not advertise on TV, radio, or in the Yellow Pages.  (No cheezy slogans or catchy jingles here!)  Nearly 90% of our cases come by REFERRALS from former clients, doctors, lawyers, judges, and other contacts who trust us to help based on our experience, qualifications, and reputation.

Instead of badgering potential clients with high pressure sales techniques and “your pain is my gain” TV advertising, we offer accident victims free information you can review in the privacy of your home at your own pace.  We literally give away FREE books, consumer guides, reports, newsletters, articles, postcards, and other resources. We prefer clients who are as careful in their selection process as we are.

We are not a “chop-shop” or “personal injury mill” that turns over hundreds of injury cases every year. In fact, we decline more cases than we accept. We value quality over quantity in our caseload, and we look for clients who do the same when choosing an attorney.

Most importantly, we focus on the “relationship” part of the attorney-client relationship. That means we don’t drop clients when their case ends and ignore them forever after. Rather, we stay in touch, and we continue to offer them value through our free VIP program which provides monthly legal tips, quarterly newsletters packed with helpful information, and much more. Relationships require hard work, commitment, and patience. Our clients deserve nothing less.

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