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Roundabouts are common in the state. While their design is intended to limit the number of collisions at intersections, accidents are still a common occurrence. If roundabout wrecks occur, it might be possible to recover a monetary award with the help of a practiced car accident injury attorney.

If you were injured in a traffic circle accident, now is the time to seek legal help. Your personal injury claim could provide for your medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses. A discussion with a Ponchatoula roundabout traffic accident lawyer could help you understand the strengths of your case and the options that are in front of you.

Determining Fault in a Traffic Circle Crash

Determining fault is an important step in any car wreck. Given how unfamiliar some motorists are with roundabouts, determining fault in these cases is not always simple. A Ponchatoula attorney could review the facts of a traffic circle crash and build a winning case for compensation.

The key aspect to many motor vehicle collisions is the right-of-way. The right-of-way is especially important in accidents that occur within roundabouts. A driver with the right-of-way has the right to travel in the space they are currently in. In a roundabout, the drivers already established within the traffic circle typically have the right-of-way.

Drivers attempting to enter a roundabout have a duty to yield to motorists already in the circle. Should they fail to do so and cause a wreck, they could face civil liability for any damage they cause.

Drivers established in the traffic circle might have the right-of-way, but that does not mean they are not without their own duty to drive safely. Motorists that drive aggressively or are otherwise negligent could share in the fault of a crash.

Compensation in Ponchatoula Roundabout Accident Claims

An injury victim might find various forms of compensation available to them if their civil lawsuit is successful. With the help of a Ponchatoula roundabout traffic collision attorney, they might be able to recoup their financial losses and obtain other forms of compensation following the accident.

Medical Expenses

Medical bills are often the primary concern for those injured in traffic wrecks. With the right legal counsel, it could be possible to obtain financial compensation based on the cost of medical care. Some of the expenses that could be recouped might relate to emergency room care, surgical procedures, or prescription medication.

Lost Wages

All too often, parties injured in a vehicle collision are too hurt to return to work right away. This could lead to days, weeks, or even months without a paycheck. By pursuing a civil lawsuit, it might be possible to recover past as well as future lost wages from the at-fault party.

Property Damage

Repairing a vehicle can be costly after a wreck. If that vehicle is totaled, replacing it could be even more expensive. A successful injury claim could also cover the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle.

Talk to a Ponchatoula Roundabout Traffic Accident Attorney Now

Crashes in roundabouts have the potential to cause serious, life-alerting injuries. These injuries could require long-term medical care and other costly treatment.

From identifying who is at fault to evaluating your chances of success, an attorney could be invaluable to your personal injury case. Call a Ponchatoula roundabout traffic accident lawyer today to learn more.

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