Bikes For Kids

When Parker was a kid, riding around Ponchatoula on his bike was everything to him. It was one of his most liberating experiences, and, it stuck with him when he became a car accident lawyer in his hometown.

He wanted kids – the ones who were not as fortunate as he was – to get that same free feeling that he had.

So, he vowed that when he earned enough money to feed his family and employees, he would start giving back to deserving kids who needed bikes.

Parker Layrisson Law Firm’s Bikes for Kids program has given away dozens of bikes since 2016.

Each week of the summer, Parker gives away bikes to kids who have been nominated by their fellow members of the community for their personal achievements and contributions to the community.

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Car Seat Safety

On a hot summer day in 2017, Parker met a hardworking mother with baby triplets. She and her husband were struggling to replace three car seats that were lost to a recent car wreck.

When he discovered that it would cost over $900 to replace these car seats he was shocked and saddened for the family.

Instead of being sad, Parker took action and started a program that helps local parents pay for the car seats they need to keep their children safe.

This year, the Parker Layrisson Law Firm is giving away at least 5 car seats to local moms and dads in need.

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