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Many children have a fearless nature, but their inability to comprehend danger can turn tragic quickly because of their small size. Babies can be more easily injured at birth due to their fragileness. Numerous accidents can strike throughout adolescence as well.

Children could be hurt by a medical provider, a dangerous product, or while playing on someone else’s property. If your child suffered due to someone else’s negligence, reach out to a dedicated personal injury attorney. A Ponchatoula child injury lawyer with our firm can review your situation and work tirelessly to get the compensation your child may deserve.

Child Injuries Caused by Negligence

Adults should supervise small children at all times. When they fail to do so, accidents happen. If a child is hurt because an adult falls short of their duties, it may be considered negligence. Negligent actions include adults who do not secure children in car seats, who fail to supervise them at a backyard swimming pool, or leave medications in reach of children.

Elements of Negligence

For plaintiffs to prevail in negligence actions, they must first prove the defendant had a duty of care to the child, such as strapping an infant into a car seat before a trip. Plaintiffs must also show a defendant breached the duty and that action caused injury to the child.

An adult who fails to strap an infant into a car seat has breached the duty of care, but if the child arrives safely after the trip and is unharmed, one of the elements of negligence has not been met and no action can be brought. However, if the adult crashes the vehicle and the child suffers from multiple broken bones, all of the elements of negligence are met.

Our skilled child injury attorneys in Ponchatoula study each individual case to determine if the elements of negligence are met and how much compensation the injured child might need for what could amount to a lifetime of rehabilitative care.  Any injury to a child is always a serious matter, especially to the child’s parents or family. Our compassionate team could offer guidance throughout the legal process.

Negligent Actions by Medical Professionals

Birth injuries can be the earliest form of negligence when a medical professional does not perform up to a reasonable standard. Common forms of negligence at birth include:

  • Lack of proper testing during pregnancy that could have prevented birth problems
  • Disregarding hypoxia, loss of oxygen supply to the baby’s brain, resulting in disabilities
  • Improper use of forceps or the vacuum during birth causing physical or neurological damage
  • Holding off ordering a Caesarian section when baby is in fetal distress

When children are injured­—whether at birth by negligent medical personnel or later on by a negligent caregiver—a Ponchatoula personal injury attorney could seek the compensation necessary for the child’s recovery.

Product Liability Incidents

Companies are responsible for designing and manufacturing their products, which must be safe and function as promised. If a product can be dangerous, but the benefits outweigh the dangers, companies must warn consumers so they can circumvent accidents.

These companies can be found negligent when children’s products cause harm, such as poorly designed cribs, flammable baby clothing, and toys without warnings for age appropriateness or choking hazards. A child injury lawyer in Ponchatoula could examine the facts to determine if a dangerous product harmed a child, and if so, seek compensation from the culpable party.

Unsafe Premises Accidents

Property owners and managers have a duty to children on their property, even if they are trespassing. If owners know a danger exists, they must fix it or place a warning. An example of this could be ensuring a backyard swimming pool is fenced in behind a locked gate.

Contact a Ponchatoula Child Injury Attorney Today

There is nothing as heartbreaking as an injured child, but it is made worse if someone else’s negligence caused the injury. Since children are more vulnerable due to their smaller frame and softer bones, injuries can often be far worse than if they were fully grown. Caring for them sufficiently will take time and money. A committed team of legal professionals can help.

If your child was injured during birth because a caregiver was reckless, or due to a defective product or danger on someone’s property, call our office today. A Ponchatoula child injury lawyer could meet with you, assess your case, and fight for the compensation your child deserves.

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