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Burns are painful injuries on the skin that can happen for many reasons with varying degrees of severity. If a person’s skin tissue comes in contact with an electrical, thermal, electromagnetic, or chemical source, burns are likely to occur. Scalding water is the leading cause of burn injuries for children, while open flames and smoke are the leading cause for adults.

Getting burned is among the most debilitating trauma a person can sustain. The most severe can have devastating effects on your life, including significant consequences on your mental, physical, and financial health. If the negligent actions of another party cause your pain and suffering, you have the legal right to hold them accountable with the help of a catastrophic injury attorney. If a person’s careless actions caused your accident, contact an experienced Ponchatoula burn injury lawyer to discuss your claim.

Burn Classifications in Ponchatoula

Severe and extensive burns need comprehensive medical care, including specialized treatments and aftercare. The age of the victim and the percentage of the body burned are the most vital factors affecting the outlook. There are four level categories: first-, second-, third-, and fourth-degree burns. A skilled attorney in Ponchatoula could help someone determine what type of burn severity from which they suffer.


First-degree burns are superficial and only affect the skin’s epidermis. The area of the burn site may be red and slightly sore, but there will not be a blister. First-degree burns rarely produce long-term tissue damage, and only short-term changes in the skin’s coloration may occur.


Second-degree burns affect the skin’s epidermis and dermis layers. The site may appear blistered, red, and swollen. This type of burn is painful, but people could treat them at home, except in a few situations. They should seek medical attention if burns cover a large portion of the body or the wound is not healing correctly.


Third-degree burns destroy the skin’s epidermis and dermis layers, and they can also damage bones, tendons, and muscles. The site may appear charred or white, and there is no feeling in the area. Burned people should seek medical attention after sustaining this type of damage immediately.


Fourth-degree burn injuries go all the way through both layers of skin, underlying tissue, deep tissue, and into the bone and muscle. These burns destroy the nerve endings, and the hurt person will not have feeling in the wound area. People must seek medical care after suffering fourth-degree burn injuries.

Treatment and Recoverable Damages after Being Critically Burned

Critical injuries require lengthy hospital stays, follow-up treatment, and rehabilitation, and they may also need skin grafts and muscle and bone rehabilitation. The hurt person could also require psychological therapy, especially with scarring and disfigurement.

Recoverable damages could include compensation for medical bills and treatments, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The court could also award financial damages for:

  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Future medical bills
  • Compensation for scarring and disfigurement
  • Payment for permanent disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Every accident claim is unique, and recoverable compensation varies. A Ponchatoula burn injury attorney could review case specifics and answer questions on potential recovery.

State Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations enforces a strict time limit for the plaintiff to file an injury lawsuit. As per the Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, the injured party has one year to file the legal action in a burn claim. The clock starts on the day of the accident.

A knowledgeable severe burn accident attorney in Ponchatoula could answer questions on state civil codes. They could also ensure their client files the petition within the legislation’s requirements.

Schedule to Meet with a Skilled Burn Injury Attorney in Ponchatoula

The physical and emotional pain of these debilitating injuries can be overwhelming. These types of claims are complex and require a legal professional experienced in litigation and burn cases.

If someone’s careless actions lead to you getting burned, they should pay for the resulting damages. If a person’s negligent actions caused you or someone you love to suffer, contact a seasoned Ponchatoula burn injury lawyer to prepare your claim. Call today to start immediately.

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