Has a car wreck changed your life?
Do you think the accident caused your backaches, neck pain, or other injuries?
Are you feeling confused, frustrated and angry because the insurance company is not paying your medical bills?
Don’t you deserve fair compensation for your damages?
If your life has changed because of a car crash, then you’ve come to the right place.
Our lawyers help people injured in car accidents to recover the compensation they deserve, without frustration and stress, even if they have no money to pay us or their doctors.
Our proven 3-step plan is designed to quickly get you back to living life on your terms.
1. Talk to Parker
2. See a Doctor
3. Settle Your Case
You don’t have to worry about paying upfront legal costs or attorney’s fees.  In fact, you won’t get any bill from us until we win money for you!
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  • Seek immediate medical attention from a doctor for your injuries. You may go to the emergency room, family clinic, chiropractor, or other health care provider.
  • Refrain from discussing the details of the accident or your injuries with anyone except the police, your doctors, and your lawyer.
  • Collect all of the information you can from the other people involved in the automobile accident, including names, addresses, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, insurance info, and police report.
  • Save all the documents you receive that relate to the accident and your injuries, such as the accident report, photos of the accident scene and your vehicle and your injuries, names and contact information of witnesses, copies of your medical records for the accident-related injuries, medical bills, and receipts for prescriptions, vehicle repairs, and other related expenses.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice about treatment and go to every scheduled doctor’s office visit.
  • Don’t give a statement to the insurance adjuster without first talking to your personal injury lawyer.
  • Don’t sign a bodily injury claim release without first talking to your personal injury lawyer.
  • Contact the Louisiana Auto Accident Attorneys at the Parker Layrisson Law Firm now for a FREE Case Review.

On auto accident claims, our attorneys usually charge a contingent fee where they are paid a percentage of the clients’ recovery rather than an hourly rate. This generally means that clients do not pay anything up front and lawyers do not get paid until clients get paid, and it is fully explained in the Parker Layrisson Law Firm written attorney-client fee agreement.