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Finding the right person to defend you after an auto accident is as important as it is easy. With Parker Layrisson Law Firm conveniently located in downtown Ponchatoula, we are proud to provide our clients with both comprehensive services and local accessibility. No matter your auto accident, we are here to defend you.

Car Accidents in Ponchatoula

Car accident cases usually occur between two or more non-commercial drivers, which means that damages are to be paid out by the at-fault party, or, more often than not, the at-fault party’s insurance. Drivers often need legal defense to not only prove the other driver’s fault, but to prove their own lack of fault.

Truck Accidents in Ponchatoula

The main distinction between regular car accidents and commercial truck accidents is the scale of the damage. Even a slow moving truck and cause devastating destruction, the extent of which no level of personal insurance would cover. This is why trucking companies are responsible for paying the damages, it’s just a matter of ensuring they cover all the costs they need to cover.

Motorcycle Accidents in Ponchatoula

While motorcyclists are often accused of being reckless drivers, they are often some of the most cautious on the road. This is because of the vulnerable nature of their vehicles, making almost any accident potentially catastrophic. We work to protect the rights of motorcyclists and fight unfair stigmas against them.

Rideshare Accidents in Ponchatoula

The abundant popularity of apps such as Uber and Lyft is largely due to their marketing as a safe and easy alternative to driving. Unfortunately, rideshares are not immune to collisions, and accidents do occur. When accidents happen, it’s important to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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