How To Determine If You Have a Good Auto Accident Injury Case

CarWreckIf you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, you may have a valuable claim where an experienced personal injury lawyer could help you maximize your recovery. However, not every injury resulting from a motor vehicle crash is worth money, and not every case merits the involvement of an attorney. To determine whether you have a valuable case, within a few months of your accident, you should discuss the following questions with an attorney:

  1. Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  2. Was there visible property damage to your  vehicle?
  3. Did you get (or will you get) medical  treatment shortly after the accident?
  4. Have you followed your doctor’s treatment recommendations?
  5. Did the accident happen less than 9 months ago?
  6. Is there insurance available to cover your damages?

Was the accident someone else’s fault?

If someone other than you caused the crash, you may have a winnable case. However, if your own careless driving was the sole cause of the accident, financial recovery is highly unlikely.

Was there visible damage to your vehicle?

Although major property damage is not absolutely necessary to a successful personal injury case, photos of auto damage are helpful to proving your case. Judges and juries are more likely to believe severe injuries were caused by an accident when supported by evidence of moderate to high vehicle impact.

Did a doctor promptly treat your injuries?

Injuries and medical treatment are absolutely necessary to a successful auto accident injury claim. Thus, it is important that soon after your wreck you sought medical attention from your family doctor, chiropractor, emergency room, walk-in clinic, or other licensed health care provider. Moreover, your case value depends on whether you followed your health care providers’ recommended course of treatment.

Did your accident occur less than a year ago?

In Louisiana, personal injury lawsuits such as auto accident claims must be filed within a year of the accident. Therefore, if more than a year has elapsed since your crash and you have not yet filed suit, it may be impossible to succeed in your claim.

Is auto insurance available to cover your claim?

No matter how severe your property damage and injuries, if the driver who caused your collision has no money or liability insurance, and if you do not carry uninsured motorist (UM) insurance, your claim could be worthless. Like the old saying goes, “you can’t bleed a turnip.”

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