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Cases We Do Not Accept

Due to the high volume of calls from potential clients and referrals from former  clients and other attorneys that our law firm receives, we have found that the only way to provide exceptional personal service to the clients we accept is to decline those cases that do not meet our strict selection criteria. Therefore, we […]

Why We’re Different

The Parker Layrisson Law Firm is not a general law practice open to accepting all types of cases. We do not handle every area of law. We don’t claim to, don’t want to, and don’t need to. Instead of spreading our resources among a wide variety of practice areas, we focus our attention on only a […]

How Much Do Lawyers Cost?

A lot.  There is no denying the fact that legal services are costly.  Effective representation typically comes at a steep, but reasonable, price. Like buying a home or hiring a surgeon, retaining an effective attorney is expensive, important, and ultimately valuable if you make the right choice.  However, your lawyer should always inform you up-front, in writing, how […]

How Long Will My Lawsuit Last?

Predicting the length of litigation is difficult. Each case is unique. A host of factors outside your control could expedite or delay the process. Some cases settle quickly while others last for years awaiting trial and appeals. For example, in my law practice I have handled matters decided by trials within a week of the […]

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